Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carambolim Lake

Carambolim Lake

Carambolim Lake supports a large population of herbiverous birds. The male Pintail Ducks remain segregated in locations rich in tall emergent Oryza in shallow margins of the lake, while the females feed on leaves and flowers of nymphea in the central region of hte Lake. the coots, which prefer Hydrilla and if availabel also consume macronvertebrates brought to surface by the activity of other diving birds. the Moorhen is knows to derive the benefits of food brought to surface by agitative feeding habits of the Coots.

Diving movements of the Pintails and lesser whistling teals dislodge the benthic macroinvertebrates thereby making them available to birds such as Bronze and Pheasant Tailed Jacanas and Coots
The ten most abundant birds at Carambolim Lake are
Pintal, Lesser Whistling Teal, Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, Purple Moorhen, Red-rumped Swallow, Little Egret, Bronzewinged Jacana, Pheasant Tailed Jacana, Coot.

I visited the carambolim lake recently and here are some of the birds I found there

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Snowy : Our Cat


That's snowy when he was a little

Can you guess who is that with snowy???

A little modeling under the umbrella

Ahh, nice and clean boy

Lazying around on the mat

Up above the computer table, that was ridiculous, threw of half the things there.

That was a morning wake up call for me, my sister clicked it

Snowy and gypsy fighting

Snowy lazing around

Gypsy and snowy again

Thats snowy in his lazy moods

The rest of the photo below are clicked today

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer / Spring time fruits of Goa

Summer fruits of Goa
1. Zam (Love Apples)/ Botanical name: Syzygium javanicum

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Testimony of the Wonders of Lord Jesus – Ms. Sandra D’souza (Bombay) Letter –2

Praise the Lord JESUS. Alleluia.

Dear Friend ,

Thanks for your Precious time. I was telling you I was at Tabor ashram (retreat center) and during this one session that I attended on a Saturday the Priests in Tabor were constantly giving word of Knowledge concerning healing of my leg. When it was Rev. Fr. Joseph’s turn to proclaim Gods word, he kept repeating again and again that God is healing and strengthening somebody’s left leg. All those with Leg Problem stood one by one, but I did not stand. Fr. Joseph was so sure that in that particular gathering there was somebody still sitting and that one person God is waiting for, to stand. Then he looked straight towards the place where I was sitting and said in a voice of authority “Even if your legs are paining, please stand”. I stood and then he said all those who have problems in their legs “Please come out and stand in front of the Blessed Sacrament”. I went and Father came down and asked me what was wrong and prayed over me with the Crucifix he had in his hand. He was very sure that God had touched my leg and that something definitely had happened. I went and sat down back in my place. I knew that Father was aware of it and at the same time, God would not allow me to get back home without me testifying. Jesus said, many people in this congregation are expecting miracles to take place overnight, I want them to hear from your mouth of how I am healing you slowly but surely for the past 35 years. Tell them not to get disappointed and disheartened. Looking at the huge crowd I was getting nervous. But I said to myself let the people finish testifying and then I will go and testify towards the end. I went and I testified. That was the beginning. God has been healing me and giving word of Knowledge every time I go to Tabor of healing my legs. When I prayed for the healing of my right leg so that I will be able to stand without any problem for Gods glory. God immediately gave a word of Knowledge. God confirmed the message. I was able to lift my right leg up and down with Gods mighty power and for the first time in my life even after sitting on the chair. I felt as if I was running on my legs. I attended a retreat in Tabor Ashram and there my left leg grew out. I was feasting at the table of the Almighty God with divine Mana from heaven. God further confirmed the same when I attended a mission given by Rev. Fr. Rufus Pereira. When Father was praying over me for the first time I was running on both my feet holding on to the hand of one of my friend. For me it was no longer my friend, but I somehow saw JESUS hold my hand and he was running with me and he kept saying, today Satan is crushed under your feet. This is the power of the fervent Prayers you have prayed so faithfully for me. Thank you so much for all your Prayers. Will write to you more. God is my everything and I will say nothing even if he does not heal me. As a human being when I experience certain things, tears will fall from my eyes as I gaze towards my hero who gave his all for me on Calvary’s Cross begging for strength and power to survive the present situations and problems. I know he says, my grace is sufficient for you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Sandra D’Souza

Testimony of the Wonders of Lord Jesus – Ms. Sandra D’souza (Bombay) Letter - 1

Praise the Lord JESUS. Alleluia.

Dear Friend,

Let me write to you why I have come so close to the living God and why I trust in him. As a baby of 11 months old I got this sickness of Polio with all the doses being given to me and I was rushed to the hospital in a serious condition. The doctors did all that they could and finally left me to die. During this time as my mummy prayed with tears in her eyes asking God to keep me alive, a Priest by the name Rev. Fr. Edgar D'souza known to my mummy and her family who had then just come down from Lourdes got the news that I was dying and he walked into the hospital room with holy water and mud bought from Lourdes and he put it in my mouth and instantly I opened my eyes. My mummy was very happy that the Almighty God had given new life to her daughter but sad that I had lost the use of my legs. But my mummy did not give up. She kept taking me for Prayers from one place to another and the Almighty God honoured her prayers, tears & sacrifices and the Prayers and tears and sacrifices of all those who prayed for me.

I remember, I was taken for Prayers to a Priest named Rev. Fr. A. V. D’souza and as he prayed over me along with his team , my left leg which was declared to be dead by the doctors started vibrating under the power of the Almighty God to such an extent that the Priest stopped his prayers and said to my mummy, your daughter will not walk until and unless you forgive the person who is responsible for this. But my mummy did not give up. She continued taking me for Prayers .The Almighty God started touching my legs and strengthening my feet, although no external manifestations were seen. After this I was carried and taken to a Priest named Rev. Fr. Jonathan Dias and he started Fasting and Praying over me every Saturday. God started manifesting his mighty power in and through the Prayers of this anointed Priest who was involved in the ministry of healing and deliverance. God Almighty had mercy on me and he took away my Stomach Belt, Waist Belt, my Crutches and my right Leg Calipers away. Today I am wearing a Caliper only for my left leg from thigh downwards. Today with a big Smile on my lips I can say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I have no regrets as my sickness and my Sufferings have drawn me closer and closer to the Almighty God. Many a times the Almighty God has left his throne in heaven only to meet the needs of someone like me who is so dear to him. He has proved time and again that he is alive and that he cares for me. Deep down in my heart I just know that God will never let me down no matter what happens. I will relate to you in my other mails how God has come to my aid from time to time each time I was in trouble.

Sandra D’Souza

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goa is Hot Hot Hot - Summer time in Goa

Summer time in Goa

With the temperatures soaring high above 35 Degree Centigrade
and me feeling sooo lazy to go to the sea for a refreshing bath.
Today i just chose to stay indoors and have a refreshing drink "KHUS" with loads of ice

ahhhhhhhhhhh... it was sooo cooling...

Something other than beer to kill the summer heat

Just felt like sharing it with you all

Keep smiling while sweating in Goa



A tribute to my Grandmother -Maria Sabina Pereira - Ponda Goa - Calangute

A tribute to the woman I admire

Maria Sabina Pereira

(Passed away on 11th May, 2006)

My Grandmother - We all called her "Mai"

She was a very strong person. She married at a young age. She had 8 children Antoneita, Neves, Elvira, Lilia, Roque, Peter, Alice & John.

Mai belongs to a generation of self-sacrificers. She sacrificed her life to feed and clothe her family and to have peace of mind. I do know that she has always played an active role and has never shirked her responsibilities. She has faced difficulties with bravery and has put herself last when ever necessary - she had always been tough on herself. I just wished she had got all that in return.

When you get a call about a loved one in ill health, it seems heartless to even have to think twice about being there for them. But I could not even have that opportunity. on May 10th, late around 11 p.m, I received a telephonic message from my cousin sister that my grandma passed away. She stated she had a fall. It was like a lump reaching my throat. I conveyed the message to my parents and left for Ponda. The wound on her forehead was still fresh, I sat by her side all night, just remembering the things she used to speak to me whenever I visited her.

I remember visiting my grandma during holidays, as a kid, but as I grew older and went to college & started working, I hardly visited her because we lived around 40 kilometers away from her place. Its only at family functions that we meet her. In the last few years before her death I had become rather close to her. I used to visit her atleast once a month. She always recognised me, although at times she could not recognise some of her other family members. I have shared a lot of my dreams and hearts feelings with her, which I have not spoken to anyone. She would speak non-stop to me. She would be so happy to see me, whenever I visited her. She would hug me and I could see her eyes moisten. She would sing to me local folk songs and hymns. Some of which I have recorded on my cell phone and I still listen to them at times. She loved tender coconut water and chickoo's a lot. She would always point to a picture of Jesus in her room affixed on the wall and say "Jesu, ho poi Rohan (Roffan) aila" which meant "Jesus, look Rohan is come".
At the funeral as we laid her body to rest. I knew that although her body remained, she was gone to be with Jesus. Her faith, devotion to family, and unconditional love remain the most precious gifts to us all.

Some photographs of Mai

A group photograph of Mai with her children and grand children

Mai, Uncle John & aunties Neves, Antonetta, Alice & Elvira

Mai with grandchildren Nirmala and Sharmilla

Mai giving blessing to aunty Antonetta on her wedding day

Mai and other family members on the day of the wedding of Aunty Elvira

God gave us Grandmothers
to cherish and love us.
To brighten our days,

To think the world of us.

When God gives us Grandmothers,

It seems that he knew,
that we'd cherish and love them,
and do all we could to make them happy too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A big thank you to all those who care about me

A big "Thanks" to all those who made my day special in their own way.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adieus Amigo - Good Bye little Puppy, Calangute Goa

Ill miss you my little puppy
I just hope wherever you are, you are safe and sound.

ThAtS Me

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Calangute, Goa, India
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