Monday, August 31, 2009

Bonderam festival celebrated in Goa 29-08-2009

Bonderam fesitiva at Divar

Bonderam fesitiva at Divar

The "Bonderam" festival is celebrated on the Island of Divar on the fourth Saturday of August every year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Feast of the Chapel at Cabo Raj Bhavan - "Our Lady of the Cape"

This chapel stands at the Cabo Raj Bhavan (Governors residence) at Dona Paula,
This beautiful chapel is around 500 years old.
"Our Lady of the Cape" chapel was constructed around the year 1541.
This chapel is open for the Morning Mass on all Sundays, as also on Christmas and Easter. A large number of devotees, mostly from the nearby villages, attend the Mass.
The Feast of the Chapel is celebrated on 15th August which coincides with the Independence Day of India.
Thousands of devotees, cutting across various religious groups, attend the special prayers held on this occasion it is followed by the veneration of the statue in the grotto. there are steps leading down to the grotto. This Saint used to be venerated in the 4th and 5th centuries in Europe and the grotto referred to as the Grotto of St. Paula. You will notice that the Saint is being paid due respect even today with Indian-styled garlands and floral tributes.

There is also a tradition where the priest says a prayer and blesses the crops. (paddy crop) and Later a few sheaves are placed on tray and distributed among the people after the high mass. People take the blessed ‘Konsa’ (sheave) after the mass. The sheaves are placed at the altar at homes and some put the ‘Konsa’ in their cars as a sign of a symbolic protection.

The main altar of the Cabo chapel

The left hand side altar of the chapel

The right hand side altar of the Chapel

carved Pulpit of the chapel

the main altar of the chapel

devotees the blessed ‘Konsa’ (sheave) after the mass

devotees take the blessed ‘Konsa’ (sheave) after the mass

People in line for veneration of the statue at the Grotto

People in line for veneration of the statue at the Grotto

A statue of Our lady kept for veneration at the Chapel

An eagle flying high over the Cabo Raj Bhavan

Independence day of India 15-08-2009

Independence day Celebration Photographs

Friday, August 14, 2009

63rd Independence Day of India 15th August, 2009

63rd Independence Day of India 15th August, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Swizan Joshua Monteiro - Visit to Goa

"Swizan Joshua Monteiro"

I went to see my God child today, the handsome "Swizan Joshua Monteiro" who has come to Goa visit his Grandma :-)
Grandma and Shanessa were kept on their toes by the little angel :-)
He is 5 months and 19 days baby today.
My god child was not in the very best of moods today, a little bit cranky and sleepy

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Exploring tattoos as an Fine art - Savio D'Silva

Savio D'silva hails from Bandra, Mumbai
An artist with a degree in fine arts( Sir JJ school of arts).
A talented Sketch artist, a criminal sketch artist, Painter, Exploring tattoos as an Fine art & photographer

Savio does not repeat his designs and he does not copy his designs..All his work is hand drawn on paper in front of his clients to make sure they know what they getting, this is his signature style art work. He states that this process builds a trust.
He says "I do not show them designs and ask them to choose..So generally my process is very long ;-)"

His charges are depending on the design. He does not go by the per square inch rule which tattoo palours follow. He states that his greater effort is in ideating the concept and creating the art work on paper.

He does not do text and tribal designs since he feel personally there is no much achievement in it that as an artist.

I have always loved to see tattoo and I do hope I will have a tattoo soon.
herein below you can have a look as some of his fantastic tattoo works

you can contact him at


email is :

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