Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday as I came home, I was surprised to see this beautiful greeting card waiting for me. As I opened it, I found some very beautiful philatelic stamp's enclosed within. These beautiful stamps add to my philatelic collection.
The greeting card had this beautiful message.

"Sending my wishes
Across the mile...
For a season warm
With joy and Happy Smiles
Season's Greetings"

For a moment, I wondered, could it be Santa???

Naaaaa, It was from my dear friend Hazel.

Thank you so very much Hazel & family.
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a festive week.

My best wishes to you all

"Wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2010".

Monday, December 28, 2009

Partying with friends in the festive season

The Mambo's entry tag just wont go off my hands.

My friends visited me late Night, (27th December 2009), with plans to go to Mambo's at Baga.

I was trilled to meet them after a very long long time.

It was fun being in the company of Shanessa, Shijuka and the ever hilarious Rakesh.

The night started with a vehicle having no petrol. Then the trip to Mapusa to the "24 hours petrol pump" to fuel our vehicle. Then back to Baga. Then we spent an hour searching for a parking slot and in the process discovered that the reverse gear of the vehicle started to act up. So had to use the muscle power to get our vehicle reversed back on to road. It was fun to see Shanessa drive the car without the reverse gear in the terrific traffic Jam. There were tempers rising. Tit for Tat. It was very funny.

Finally we got a parking slot almost half a kilometer away from Mambos.

As we walked the Titos lane, it was like out of the world atmosphere, with people from round the world partying on the street, in the pubs, bar and discotheques. As we neared Tito's the street was jam packed with party animals :-).

We entered Mambo's after midnight, where the party had already begun. We were greeted to a feast of Music. The smoke of Hooka was in the air. For me Kingfisher beer rocks. The cocktails were baddddddd. Tequila was awesome. The food was not up to the mark.[Rakesh commented that the chicken that was used in our Chicken Tika must have had "Polio"] and then we danced to some great DJ Music at Mambos till 5 o'clock in the morning.

Thank you guy's for coming all the way to Calangute. You reminded me of all the fun & Good times back then. I wish I could turn back time.

Guys you Rock


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009 with family and friends at Goa

Christmas Celebrations at my home

Like every christmas this year was a very special day in my life.
It started with the holy mass followed by greeting of family and friends on Christmas.
We distributed sweets among our neighbours and friends.
It was my moms special cooking for lunch.
We had many visitors which included our neighbours, family friends, relatives, colleagues and my friends.
I would like to thank everyone who made "Christmas" at our home special.
A special thanks to Amit, Bhawna and Anahita for taking time out and visiting us this Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all

My Christmas Crib

My Christmas tree

My Christmas Crib

My Christmas Crib

Thats Bunty and his friend

Piyush and his mom

Piyush in a playful mood

Pandurang and his son Piyush

Myself and Piyush

Thats my friend Noel Filinto

Ramachandra and Hanuman at my place for Christmas

Rupesh and Amit kanekar at my place for Christmas

Ramachandra with the Christmas tree

My Christmas Crib

Another bright shiny star in the balcony

That's my home at christmas nite

The shiny stars around our home

A little christmas video at home

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Goa 2009 - New Year 2010 Goa

Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An evening at Baga Beach with new friends

My new friends from Moscow "Israfil Atackishiev and Anastasia"

Myself, Israfil Atackishiev and Anastasia

It was nice meeting my friends from Moscow Israfil Atackishiev and Anastasia.
Israfil & Anastasia so friendly to speak too.
Anastasia does not converse much in English, but Israfil anways interprets to her :-).
That's why I call them a "loving couple".
We spoke at length about the customs, traditions and life styles of Moscow and Goa.
He was delighted on their first day at Goa.
He said he would try out Caju Fenny :-) I did caution him, but he said he would try it in under closed walls of his room :-).
Hey Ana, if he get out of control, give me a call :-)
He will be in Baga for a while before moving to Arambol to meet some of his friends there.
He will be back for Christmas in Baga, I have invited him for Christmas at my home.
Hoping to catch up with him for his Birthday on the 27th of December :-)
He was so kind enough that when I was speaking to anastasia about her job and my hobby of stamp and coin collection, he game me some coins of his country. I was indeed trilled by this act of kindness :-) .

Israfil is a web designer by profession and a photographer by passion

The lovely and beautiful couple "Israfil Atackishiev and Anastasia "

Thats me and Israfil Atackishiev

That's me and Anastasia

Monday, December 14, 2009

Dance illusions Goa - Dr. Martin - Ballroom dancing classes

Dance Illusions Goa

Take a chance, ask me to dance,

This Christmas join our special ballroom workshop,
learn to dance in just 5 days from 19th december, 2009 to 23rd december, 2009
Batch 1 6.30 pm and
batch 2 7.45 pm
at hotel Campal Panjim
@ just Rs. 800 per person

Dr. Martin & Team




Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feast of our lady of Immaculate Conception

8th December we celebrate the feast of Our lady of Immaculate conception.

The Novenas at the Panjim Church are followed by fireworks and later by music by a band.

Today as I passed by the church on my way back home, I caught a glimpse of some fireworks and the Goa Police band playing.

Also as I proceeded home, I caught a glimpse of the Calangute church that was beautifully lit up as it also celebrates the feast of Our lady of Immaculate Conception

Also see : Feast of Our lady of Immaculate conception 2008

The Police band playing in front of the Church

The Police band playing in front of the Church

The Police band playing in front of the Church

beautifully decorated St. Alex Church Calangute

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saskia Laroo performs at Konkani Rocks at Goa Velha


The Konkani Rocks Concert at Goa Velha was a grand success.

Saskia Laroo, the magical trumpeter from Netherlands mesmerised the audiances with her fusion Konkani music in a jazz rock format, which drew a thunderous applause from the large audience gathered at the St. Andrew Church Grounds.

The show started with some songs by young artists. It was followed by self composed music and lyrics of "Sigmund De Souza", he kept all the goan music lovers entertained.

Among other who performed were S. Harikumar from Kerala who will perform with Sigmund De Souza, Maruska Rebello and Sonia Sirsat and also musician like Carlos Gonsalves on percussion, Rocky Lazarus among others.

Saskia Laroo also performed with Sigmund Desouza, Maruska Rebello and Sonia Sirsat

Additionally, India’s top lead guitarist and composer Amit Heri will also participate in honoring the language that we hold so dear to our hearts. All in all it is a show of grand proportion considering that musicians from all over the world will perform in salute to our mother tongue.
The Goa Velha Church had be lit up in grand style in true heritage jazz.

I would like to thank Armando Gonsalves for putting together this splendid shows, its was a delight to every Goan present there.

I lost my camera charger, So could not use my camera, So just managed to click a few photographs which may not be too clear, so excuse me for that.

Viva Goa Viva Konkani

Saskia Laroo Band and Amit Heri Group will perform Live on 6th December, 2009

Kala Academy, Campal
Gate Opens at 5:45pm
2 Great Bands for over 3 hours of pulsating Jazz Funk & Jazz Rock!

Tickets available at
*Gonsalves Mansion, Campal
*Champs- Margao & Panjim
Contact No: +91 9922023293/0832-2228010

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