Monday, June 28, 2010

4th National Dancesport Championship - Dance Illusions Goa wins 3 Gold & 1 Silver Medal

Congratulation to the Dance Illusions team on winning 3 Gold Medals and One Silver Medal at 4th National Dancesport Championship.

Three Gold in Standard Category won by Dr. Martin and Flossy D’Costa, Jason Dsouza and Aishwarya Desai, Bhavin Thakker and Xiyan Fernandes.

One Silver in Latin Category won by Berthaline and Jeethan Fernandes.

Goa Stood 2nd Overall in the Competition.

Viva Goa

Sunday, June 27, 2010

3rd Sao Joao Spring Festival at the Pomburpa Spring 27-06-2010

3rd Sao Joao Spring Festival at the Pomburpa Spring

The 3rd Sao Joao Spring Festival was celebrated by the the villagers of the silent and peaceful village of Pomburpa on the 27th of June.

A variety of programes were held which included dances, skit, songs, mandos which were held at the stage with backdrop of the Pomburpa spring. It was nice to see the local talent brought forward in this event with most of the villagers participating in the event. The event was held without serving alcohol and which was a strong message conveyed by the parish priest Fr. Santana Carvalho of Pomburpa.

All the people gathered were served "kanji" a dish from rice, popularly knows as "Pez" in kottios (coconut shells). Later all were invited to join in the lunch which was served to all which comprised of the stable food of Goa "Xit Codi" i.e. "Rice Curry". It was a wonderful lunch which xit (rice), Koddi (curry), Pickle, papad, etc which was served on Potrraios (leaf plates). The local fruits such as Jackfruits, Pineapples, Bananas, Papayas which were on display were later served to the people.

The highlight of the festival were the newly wed couples who took part in the celebrations and sang and danced the mando and curridinho. The gathering included people of all groups and most of them wore a beautiful copel of flowers on their heads. It was very nice to see lot of women and children at the event and this was only because it was an Alcohol free event.

Here are some photographs of the event

Veteran Goan athlete Maria Imelda de Souza of Mapusa

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