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Abortion; A Crime against Humanity by Fiona Marlow

 Fiona Marlow

Fiona Marlow is a 17 year old Honours Science student at Vanier College in Montreal, Canada. She is the Youth Director of the Quebec Goan Association, and has recently been titled the Public Speaking Champion of Vanier College for the year 2011. Fiona’s subject was: “Abortion; A Crime against Humanity!” this first placing speech was presented as follows.

Abortion; A Crime against Humanity!
The most fundamental right in our Canadian Constitution is the right to life. How is it then that here in Quebec approximately 31,000 innocent human beings are put to death  each year in one third of all hospitals and with the aid of the tax-payer’s money to fund these murders? These individuals have committed no crime. They are simply guilty of being and of being unwanted by a parent or relative. Statistics show that here in Quebec over 27% of all pregnancies end in abortion. Abortions are unnecessary because they are inhumane, avoidable, and numerous alternatives are available.     

     Firstly, abortions are inhumane because they go against the most fundamental right, which is the right to life. Our Quebec society likes to boast of its activities to protect the minorities and the vulnerable yet they strip the most innocent and defenceless from their right to live. Babies who are still inside their mothers’ womb are the most vulnerable since they have no voice and no protection. The abortion methods are extremely gruesome and cruel. Some methods involve injecting corrosive chemical compounds into the uterus so the infant suffers for approximately an hour before its death. Some methods involve the crushing of the babies’ bones or shredding of its body while it’s still alive, other methods involve the removal of the child’s brain with forceps to let its skull collapse. The corpse must be delivered immediately, and in many of the cases the women end up with permanently over stretched cervixes and suffer from depression. They are physically and mentally scarred, many commit suicide (which is also a crime) and studies prove that there is a positive correlation between abortions and increased risk for breast cancer. Today, we are outraged when baby seals are being hunted, we are shocked when products are tested on animals, yet we remain silent when we hear about abortions. We give more rights to animals, then the defenceless unborn babies, who have done nothing wrong to deserve such injustice.  Many people like to comfort themselves by thinking that the foetus is not a human being since it is not alive, however in nearly all biology books it clearly states that all organisms that grow and develop are indeed alive and are capable of feeling pain. This means thousands of innocent live human babies are brutally murdered every month.

     Secondly, most unplanned pregnancies can easily be avoided. Abstinence is the best way to avoid pregnancies; there are also many effective contraceptive methods easily available to everyone. Couples who unintentionally get pregnant should not have the right to murder their child. They should be prepared to nurture and care for their baby. Victims of rape or incest account for only 7% of all women who demand abortions. Even then these victims do not have the right to decide when and how a human child will die. These children could become great artists or scientists. What if I told you that Thomas Edison was a product of rape?
     Lastly, unexpected or unwanted babies can be given up for adoption. Teen couples or rape victims who plan to pursue their education without having the burden of a child can let a family member take care of it until they are mature enough to care for their own child. In other cases the child can be given to a couple incapable of conceiving a child. Many infertile couples search far to adopt and would be overjoyed to take home a newborn baby. If babies are aborted then it would result in an aging population and there would be less people capable of taking care for the elderly. Replacing abortion by adoption could lower the population’s average age and bring joy to others.
     In conclusion, abortion is the murder of defenceless human beings. Abortions are unnecessary because they are unethical, avoidable, and can be replaced by adoption. No one has the right to end the life of innocent new born babies, so do you think people should be given the right to murder the innocent children who are still inside their mothers’ womb? What if that child had a voice? And What if that child was you?

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Save Goa Campaing - Unesco Petition

1 – The inclusion of Goa in the nomination of Western Ghats as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
2 – Support of Goa’s first Tiger Reserve

Several members of the Goan Diaspora spotted a glaring omission in the failure of the Goa Government to seek a World Heritage status for the Western Ghats in Goa. The state of Goa has been excluded in the application for World Heritage status being forwarded to UNESCO by the Indian government. There is an urgent need to send a petition urging the Government of Goa to take immediate steps to include Goa in the UNESCO nomination dossier.

Your name, city and country will appear in the petition but not your email address. You are asked for your e-mail address to confirm your details before your name appears on the public list. The automated response may end in your spam folder so do check it. If you experience problems, do write to

To read the petition and to sign it, click here

To view the current list of signatories, click here


Some Videos related to the work and efforts of Save Goa Campaing

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