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Ismilda Research Consultancy - Building up data on Calangute

Dear Friends for Calangute,
July is the month of the feast of our Patron Saint St. Alex. It is fitting that we turn our focus on our village. This is more so as it has always been a month for relaxation and introspection, as the monsoon fury burst on the shores. So it is a fitting that we use this month to build up data on Calangute which can be used by future researchers.

Ismilda Research Consultancy ( intends to collect useful data which can be used by researchers, whether they are from Goa, Diaspora or even visitors from abroad. With this in view we will store data with us and share it with others. The data has to be e-mailed to us as per instructions given below. We also intend collecting hard copies and other data in the near future when we intend to hold a three day Festival on our village.

Instructions :
1.Data is to be typed on word document  and sent as attachment by e-mail. Our e-mail is or
2.Typed material must not exceed 500 words. It should be as brief and clear as possible so that it can stimulate researchers on their independent path. The material is not to feed researchers with ready made data.
3.The subject on the e-mail should be = Research Data.

•Skeletal Biographies of giants that contribute to Calangute in any profession from fisheries , agriculture, medicine, law, church etc.
•Names and short description of particular  Vogge , Rampons , Tavernas, Shops, flour and rice meals etc.
•Names and contribution of prominent footballers.
•Titles and short descriptions of books on the village or written by the villagers.
•Any other interesting material
Ismilda will be shortly releasing ‘Empowering Goa: A Manual of Projects for School Students’ along with a CD which carries a presentation on ‘ Nostalgic Calangute’.

San Joao 2012 in Goa

Viva San Joao
SAN JOAO - C. Alvares

Ami Sogle zanvoim vortoutanv, chodda tempan bhetleanv,
Sao Joao-chem fest mhunnon ami mavoddea aileanv,
Mateak him kopelam ghalun udok navonk bhair sorleanv,
Aichea dissak voddle ami nokom khuim pauleanv.

Sao Joao, Sao Joao gunvta mure vatt amkam dissonam,
Aicho dis urbecho konn konnak hansonam,
Choll-re pie-re tum illo ghe-re faleam kaim mevonam,
Oslim festam vorsak kiteak don pautti yenam.

Vhoddilanchea kaidea pormonem udok nataum bhaimchem,
Khoddegant fest hem amchem mavoddechem,
Pondra diss alchenoi hangache bhorench ami ghenvchem
Choll atam Sao Joao vhoria maguir tem pouchem.

Sao Joao, Sao Joao gunvta mure vatt amkam dissonam
Aicho dis urbecho konn konnak hansonam
Choll-re pie-re tum illo ghe-re faleam kaim mevonam
Oslim festam vorsak kiteak don pauti yenam.

Zanvoim ami festak aileanv mhunn vaddeant bobau poddla,
Mojea sasupain tin kouxe soro addla,
Tin kuddvanchim sandnam keleant ani dukor marla,
Sezarchea konsu manan ponos daddla.

Sao Joao, Sao Joao gunvta mure vatt amkam dissonam,
Aicho dis urbecho konn konnak hansonam,
Choll-re pie-re tum illo ghe-re faleam kaim mevonam,
Oslim festam vorsak kiteak don pautti yenam.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Social Sunday - Calangute Association of Canada 15-07-2012

Social Sunday - Calangute Association of Canada
Calangute Association of Canada Invites you to their 2012 Social Sunday on 15th July, 2012. The celebration will commence with Holy Mass at 11 a.m. followed by the Social.
Scrumptious sit down lunch featuring Appetizers, Soup, Salad, Main Course Dessert, Coffee and Tea. Free Pop and Juice, Cash bar.

Europa Convention Centre
7050 Bramalea Road,
Mississauga, (Bramalea/Derry Rds - NW Corner)

For Tickets Contact
Mabel/Charles DeSouza (905)877-3355/(416)970-7950
Antonio Mascarenhas -(905)270-9773
Fleming Viegas - (905) 874-0561
Lynette Tavares - (647) 895-6507
Loraine Pereira - (905) 216-8987

NoMoZo - II at Panjim Goa 18th June Road (Non Motorised Zone)

NoMoZo II (Non Motorised Zone)

The second edition of the NoMoZo (Non Motorised Zone) in Goa was held in Panjim on 17th of June, 2012 on the 18th June Road at Panjim. A Sudden calm and peaceful atmosphere descended upon the usually busiest and most traffic congested road of Panjim.

Architect Talullah D’Silva, who conceptualized the idea of NoMoZo, along with the members of the Amchi Panaji group had got together to create an awareness among the public on the problems of traffic congestion, parking space and air pollution in the city. A number of activities were held along the 18th June Road. The 18th June road witnessed a very different set of people other those that usually rule the 18th June Road. On Sunday it was ruled by the Pedestrians, cyclists and roller skaters of all age groups. The children were enjoying the event the most with no scare of the traffic. The activities included Photo Exhibition (Sanjeev Sardessai), Karate demonstrations (Mr. Joseph Rodrigues) Quizzes, Paintings, football, carom, table tennis etc.

The Karate instructor Mr. Joseph Rodrigues along with his students of all age groups exhibition their martial arts skill also live demonstrations all along the 18th June, Road. Little children where seen painting on canvas, the mayor too joined in the festivities with trying a hand at painting.The NoMoZo participants braved heavy rain along the 18th June road and nothing could  dampen their spirits. The youth were seen dancing in the rain along the 18th June road to the tune of music.

Volunteers of Aamchi Panaji wearing Nomozo T-shirts along with the Goa traffic police and other authorities helped the in the traffic arrangements and road diversions to ensure the event went on without any problem.

The non-motorized zone from the CCP junction and old Education department building junction was full of people from different walks of life and of different age groups. who were seen either walking,  cycling,  jogging, roller skating, or involving in various games and events and to addresses the complex issue of and how all our city streets are filled with huge number of cars, bikes and other motorized forms of transport with the proper mix of activities that make walking an attractive and feasible transport option. Freeing the streets of motor vehicles. NoMoZo will allow people to move freely, decrease vehicular congestion, lower pollution caused by motorized emissions, improve health and sustain urban mobility. Many groups have extended support and will be participating at NoMoZo.

It is often said that “every city built has grown from the spine of its transportation system, like flesh around bones, whether a river, a trail, a railroad or a highway” (How Cities Work, Alex Marshal, University of Texas, 2000). This means that while walking was prevalent as a transport mode before, nowadays automobile trips are increasing exponentially as a result of that economic transformation. Now it is required to replace the same with Non Motorised Zone to serve as an adequate indicator of livability, sustainability and efficiency. Furthermore,it is established that the number of non motorized trips has a strong correlation with the ratio of job supply versus residents in a given location, as well as with the proper mix of activities that make walking an attractive and feasible transport option.

The next NoMoZo will be held on 15th July, 2012

Some photographs of the NoMoZo -II (NOn MOtorized ZOn)

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