Friday, July 18, 2014

Till me meet again..

Adieus Amigo
I had written the below while my friend Deepak was hospitalised, 
Deepak bid goodbye to this world in the morning of 21st July

I knew you to be stronger,
But your health conditions made you sleep a little longer.
As you lie in bed with nothing in mind, the painful sight made me rewind.

All lost and lonely, I was a stranger in an unknown land.
And that’s when you lend me your caring hand.
Cannot spell the moment that brought us so close,
Yet when I opened the treasure box, I found too many memories to unfold.

From walking miles together to trekking lofty mountains,
Sailing in deep waters and para-sailing to the tunes of winds,
The bubble bath in magical springs, we were like puppets hung to the gushing waterfall strings.

From frolic and fun-parties and picnics
To saying goodbye forever to our dear ones,
Tears shed together and laughter that made our tummies pain
Everything stands still as we wait to see you back all lively again.

Hot Recheado bandgo on the Independence Day
Sweetness of the sugarcane juice on the roadway
And the mouth watering biryani in Kolaphur on our holiday,
All seems to have happened just yesterday.

How do we define You dear friend?
You were unique and an exclusive brand.
Wicked pranks, false ego
Witty humor and knew us at core.
Steamed Mackerals and red snapper barbeque
Oh what a cook you were.

From screaming songs at Tillari to celebrating birthdays at Sal,
The sparkling Caju feni at a local tavern
And the Chivas moments on the rocks of Marriot hotel,
You were always a priceless jewel.

Jungle drives late at nights,
Playing cards in candle lights,
Always up for naughty fights
You were a delight.

May it be Panalgad or Jyotibha,
Tillari or Tambdi Surla.
Or should I say Exotic India and Emerald Goa?
We had the best days with You because you were just what you are.

As you lay in bed with things unsaid,
We wish you to get well soon.
 And come back to the crazy mad world where today we are left in tears and all sad.

Dear Lord, We cry in pain,
Please heal our friend who is silent in bed with no complaints
Touch him with your divine powers
And soak him with the healthy showers
Only to be with us again, all insane

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